ZDSZenith Data Systems
ZDSZa Dom Spremni (gaming clan)
ZDSZilog Development Studio (software)
ZDSZagorska Demokratska Stranka (Croatian: Zagorje Democratic Party; Zagorje, Croatia)
ZDSZen Desert Sangha (Tucson, AZ)
ZDSZonal Distribution System
ZDSZonal Drying System (aircraft de-humidifier)
ZDSZinc Detection System
ZDSZero Degree Stat
ZDSZombie Defense System
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Prior to this in March 19, 2018, Lt Col Marlowe E Patria, Commanding Officer 53IB, 1ID together with Hon Belman Mantos, Board Member of 2nd District, ZDS conducted site inspection for the possible recipient of the project and had a dialogue with the residents.
ZDs rarely extend deep into the chest and induce severe dysphagia and aspiration pneumonia.
The ZDS II is a royalty-free, high-end toolset that operates on Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Vista-32 platforms and offers source code editing, debugging and program management all easily accessible from a singly fully-feature integrated development environment.
The ZDS Symposium is a meeting point for international confectionery manufacturers wanting to find out more about latest industry trends.
ZDS Architects worked within the framework of LEED-CI to design WWI due to the rating system's availability.
The PineApp ZDS uses a combination of methods to detect zombie behaviour patterns and threats, including an IP reputation profile engine that assesses risk and identifies likely sources of zombie e-mails.
The PineApp ZDS works by filtering zombie traffic at the perimeter and classifies over 50 million IP addresses, weeding out the majority of malicious attacks.
ZDS II is an Integrated Development Environment that provides a complete suite of software tools to support development with ZiLOG's eZ80Acclaim, Z8 Encore!, Z8 Encore!
In the next series of conditions the basic recycling conjunctive schedule was modified so as to introduce a degree of control over the frequency of obtained ZDs. Again only one response was required anywhere inside a FT component for reinforcement to be delivered at the end of that component.
Like a multitude of other PC vendors, ZDS began offering Windows-based PCs Aug.
Zenith Data Systems (ZDS) likens its SupersPort 486DX to workstations, the powerful desktop computers used principally in engineering applications.
But a suite of new portables from Zenith Data Systems (ZDS) goes a long way toward changing that.