ZEBOVZaire Ebola Virus
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t]) result from the first EVD PCR whole-blood test at admission was used as a proxy indicator of ZEBOV viral load (i.
Although the ZEBOV isolated during this outbreak is 99% homologous to the Kikwit strain from 1995 (3), the high frequency of maculopapular rash, bilateral conjunctiva injection, and sore throat with odynophagia reported in many of the patients from the 1995 outbreak were not observed in this outbreak (16,30).
Endpoint titrations with an optical density >3x the background reading were determined for serum samples positive against REBOV and ZEBOV antigens individually.
Similarly, 2 samples (April 2010-057 and SB0311-059) showed higher reactivity to ZEBOV by Western blotting, and other samples were equally reactive to REBOV.
Preferential reactivity to ZEBOV suggests exposure to an Ebola virus that is distinct from REBOV, the only filovirus currently found in Asia.
gambianus bat was positive for both ZEBOV and REBOV.
However, geographic location does not necessarily determine EBOV genetic relationships (9), and lack of cross-reactivity between serum samples positive for REBOV and ZEBOV in our study might indicate that divergent viruses circulate regionally, given phylogenetic and antigenic relationships between EBOV species (7-70).
39 Positive control (RAB691/EBOV-N) Location, date, fruit bat species ZEBOV REBOV ZEBOV Sagyimase May 29, 2007 Epomops franqueti 0.
On the basis of limited data indicating improved survival in rhesus macaques challenged with ZEBOV and treated with rNAPc2, an emergency IND protocol was obtained for using rNAPc2 (25).
Subsequent studies have demonstrated promise for treatment of ZEBOV infections with antisense oligonucleotides and small interfering RNAs (27,28).
ZEBOV sample 5004, obtained on day 17 of illness when serologic test results were positive for immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG, was negative by viral culture but positive in MassTag PCR.