ZEBSZambia Exclusive Breastfeeding Study (US NIH)
ZEBSZurich Elite Business School (Switzerland)
ZEBSZion Evangelical Bible School (South Africa)
ZEBSZero Energy Bound State (physics)
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As reported for ZEBS, "Our qualitative experience with the blend was that it was highly desirable and extensively adopted by the mothers and children in our study"; Donald M.
In the ZEBS study, (18) not breastfeeding was associated with 2-4-fold increases in uninfected child mortality at 0-3, 4 5, 6-11 and 12-18 months; uninfected HIV-exposed infants who had stopped breastfeeding did not have a better survival at 24 months than uninfected exposed infants who continued breastfeeding (83.