ZEBSZambia Exclusive Breastfeeding Study (US NIH)
ZEBSZurich Elite Business School (Switzerland)
ZEBSZion Evangelical Bible School (South Africa)
ZEBSZero Energy Bound State (physics)
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Initial construction costs for ZEBs can be higher than for traditional buildings, but Bill Maclay, the architect who designed the Tracy building, contends that on a monthly cash flow basis, ZEBs are usually cheaper because they use far less energy to start with and they inexpensively generate for themselves all the actual energy that they need.
The energy savings expected for a net zero-energy building (ZEB) differs from that expected for a low-performance building, which is an important consideration in planning a ZEB.
The best example has been the LUCIA building, which has a zero C[O.sub.2] balance (i.e., it is a real zero energy building, ZEB) and uses 100% RES, leading to a 98-point (Platinum) rating in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, ranking as the most efficient building in Europe and the second most efficient in the world (after Pixel building, in Australia) in 2015.
For a building to qualify as a ZEB, its annual total of (r)Btus of consumed source energy may not exceed the number of (r)Btus generated on-site.
In the combined ZEB and Zero Energy Capable (ZEC) building market, penetration of commercially available radiant heating/cooling technology is 30%.
The NBI recently conducted the first status report on commercial ZEBs. They found ZEBs have been successfully built in most U.S.
"The ZEBs, in turn, inhibit contraction-associate genes.
In the ZEBS study, (18) not breastfeeding was associated with 2-4-fold increases in uninfected child mortality at 0-3, 4 5, 6-11 and 12-18 months; uninfected HIV-exposed infants who had stopped breastfeeding did not have a better survival at 24 months than uninfected exposed infants who continued breastfeeding (83.9% and 80.7%, respectively; p=0.27); HIV-infected children at age 4 months who stopped breastfeeding had a higher 24-month mortality that infected children who continued breastfeeding (73.6% v.
Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs) generate all the power used in the structure with renewable resources, and are often easily built from recycled materials.
High efficiency lighting and appliances can also contribute to substantial energy savings in ZEBs. Design techniques such as passive solar heating, insulation and air tightness, solar control windows, shading, and landscaping can also reduce the energy demand of buildings.
McFly fan Zebs McDonald, aged 16, who has met the band 14 times, travelled all the way from Scotland and was the first to arrive in the early hours.
As part of the VTA/San Mateo County Transit District (samTrans) joint trial program, a total of three fuel cell ZEBs will be rotated monthly to different routes throughout the system over the next two years.