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ZEGZweirad Einkaufs Genossenschaft (German: Two-Wheeler Purchasing Cooperative)
ZEGZweirad Experten Gruppe (German: Zweirad Expert Group; biking)
ZEGZero Economic Growth
ZEGZiff Energy Group (Canada and US)
ZEGZero Energy Growth
ZEGZveza Ekoloskih Gibanj (Slovenian: Ecological Movement Alliance)
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It assesses ZEG's status, ownership and control as "Very Strong".
From the fact that system (12) is generalized ZEG detectable, we know that [[bar.g].sup.T.sub.1][nabla][H.sub.1] [equivalent to] 0, [g.sup.T.sub.1] [nabla] [H.sub.1] [equivalent to] 0 [??] x [right arrow] [x.sub.0] (t [right arrow] [infinity]), and [[bar.g].sup.T.sub.2] [nabla] [H.sub.2] [equivalent to] 0, [g.sup.T.sub.2][nabla][H.sub.2] [equivalent to] 0 [??] [xi] [right arrow] [[xi].sub.0] (t [right arrow] [infinity]).
Strong State Linkage: Fitch assesses ZEG's status, ownership and control as "Very Strong".
Gerog Honkomp, Chairman of the Bike Co-operative Purchasing Society (Zwerad Einkaufs Genossenschaft, or ZEG), representing over half Germany's specialist bike dealers, wrote to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder in September saying thousands of jobs would be destroyed within the bicycle industry, and the end customer would still have to pay more.
(ZEG, A/Stable), which is fully-owned by the Zhejiang province and has the scale to negotiate with the national oil companies for better pricing.
De stelling die men wil maken, is dus een zelfbewuste performance en impliceert 'ik zeg dit, en ik zou willen dat mijn publiek (lezers) hierop reageren'.
Reisjournaliste Lieve Joris: "ik heb het gezien en dat zeg ik ook".