ZEHSZeeland East High School (Michigan)
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Spacer and frame effects can be expected to degrade this performance; as such, a total window U-factor of 0.12 Btu/h x [ft.sup.2] x [degrees]F (0.68 W/[m.sup.2] x K) is targeted as being a realistic long-term product for ZEHs.
There is a new buzzword in the green building industry and it s "Zero Energy Homes" (ZEH) or "Net-Zero Energy Homes" (NZEH).
For more information on ZEHs and "The Potential Impact of Zero Energy Homes," or to download a copy of the report, visit www.toolbase.org/zeh.
While many of the amenities and advantages offered in ZEH's have long been available, the ZEH is stirring interest now because decreasing costs of production in the solar industry have allowed this technology to edge closer to the mainstream.
This paper describes the thermal performance of the third in a series of five affordable, near zero-energy house (ZEH) prototypes.
ON APRIL 22, 2003, TUCSON, ARIZ, builder John Wesley Miller, in partnership with the NAHB Research Center and Tucson Electric Power (TEP), celebrated Earth Day with the grand opening of Tucson's own Zero Energy Home (ZEH).
Department of Energy (through its National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Tucson (Arizona) Electric Power, Tucson-based Global Solar, and the NAHB Research Center celebrated one of the first ZEHs. The home, located in Tucson, in John Wesley Miller Cos.' sustainable infill community Armory Park del Sol, is one of three national prototypes.