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ZEKEZero Electron Kinetic Energy
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Weidman said his dog Zeke received a booster shot, as well as some antibiotics, and the family decided to impose a voluntary modified quarantine on Zeke as precaution.
U) announced on Tuesday the resignation of Zeke Turner from the board of directors.
Zeke bridges Shao and Mylene, and the past and the present; and by narrating, he also bridges the fourth wall, between the characters and the audience.
Zeke said: "There's a fighting spirit here and I think people understand what it's like to be an underdog fighting to be heard and seen.
It's the Friday Club there tonight with DJ Zeke while music tomorrow comes from DJs Coco and Lee Hardy.
I first met Zeke about six years ago on an Oregon turkey hunt.
Synopsis: After witnessing the horrific murders of his wife and two boys, Texas Ranger Zeke Slade takes matters into his own hands.
This time around, it feels like everywhere they turn in Vegas, someone knows Zeke and his partying ways, and his former flames show up everywhere.
The book's primary character is a young boy named Zeke, who is seeking answers about life and is especially curious about prayer--who prays, why do they pray and what kind of results does praying bring?
You know," Zeke said, "you could study for your spelling test instead of wishing for a snowstorm.
Warning to Rahm and Ari Emanuel: Big Brother Was Watching, and He Has a Book [NYT] Earlier: Fake Zeke Emanuel The Emanuel Progeny
Callum becomes jealous of Sophie's friendship with Noah - and warns her not to repeat the mistakes she made with Zeke.