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ZEMZero Emission Machines (personal vehicles)
ZEMZentrale Einrichtung Medien (German: Central Facility for Media)
ZEMZero Effort Miss
ZEMZone Expansion Module
ZEMZone Experience Modifier (video game)
ZEMZero Emission Motorcycle
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"Das ri', I'm damn goo' f'ler an' w'en anyone trea's me ri', I treats zem ri'!
People could thus read not only the ministry's magazine Obrana (Defence), but also a number of Zem a Vek issues.
The Zem Media Digital Topper solution is designed to bring the dynamic world of cloud-based digital signage to the ATM in a simple manner.
Five ships Hermes, Fortune, Ali Kip, Ginga Saker and Zem Gale sailed out to sea on Monday morning, while another ship Ginga Lion is expected to sail on same day afternoon.
As younger sister to the Empress of all of Zem' and the only one possessing her foremothers' gifts of clairvoyance, Slava is both one of the most powerful and powerless people in the Known World.
a = [6/[t.sup.2.sub.go]] ZEM - [2/[t.sub.go]] ZEV, (15)
Wry, sentimental and carried with shaggy charm by Benoit Poelvoorde and Roschdy Zem as the lovable crooks, "Fame" should parlay its helmer's cachet and the universality of the Chaplin connection into widespread arthouse exposure.
Called Northborough Commons, it is now in private hands and entirely commercial at street level; Zem Han, a Mediterranean-style restaurant, is on the ground floor.
'Intervene', available online in e-book or paperback form, begins in Australia but moves to Dubai to tell the story of a spaceman named Zem who has $20 trillion and 10 years to complete a mission.
ER nursing aide Gilles Lellouche (above) is on the run from cops more crooked than the Braquo squad after his pregnant wife Elena Anaya is kidnapped by men working for injured criminal Roschdy Zem. Fred Cavaye's badly titled but brilliantly staged chase thriller begins at the gallop and doesn't stop until everyone's breathless.