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ZEPHZephaniah (biblical book)
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She later said: "I would love Zeph to have a brother or sister but I am 43 and have to be realistic."
A number of these students had linked up with the PAC underground led by Zeph Mothopeng, John Ganya and Dr Naboath Ntshuntsha.
Zeph. "Mentoring in Higher Education: What We Know Now." The Review of Higher Education.
Daffy makes his first appearance in daylight when Richard is put in sole charge of the lookout, and after the presence of Sammy and Zeph and two additional companions on the neighboring island has been confirmed.
(14.) Zeph Stewart, "Greek Crowns and Christian Martyrs," in Memorial Andre-Jean Festugiere: Antiquite paienne et chretienne, ed.
Justice Theater Project marketing coordinator Melissa Zeph said the "Still ...
Zeph: What if your friends repine, and will not giue?
First, the dimension of speed: the secret of shoah lies in its swift descent, often arriving without warning (Isa 47:11, Ps 35:8, and Zeph 1:4-15).
Such a finding was described by Soboroff and Lederer (9) in a single case report, by Zeph et al (3) in 1 of 5 patients, and by Lee and Caleaterra (10) in 2 of 6 patients.
Expert Witnessing in Forensic Accounting, by Zeph Telpher and Michael Mostek (CRC Press, 2002), is a great reference for accountants asked to serve as expert witnesses.