ZEPSZeppelin Stamps (philately; Zeppelin mail cover designation)
ZEPSZeppelin Covers (philately; Zeppelin mail designation)
ZEPSZoology Ecology and Plant Sciences (University College Cork; Cork, Ireland)
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Antons Breidaks und Valdis Juris Zeps stellten Hydronyme aus Lettgallen in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Forschungen.
This year's ZEPS has gathered 480 exhibitors from 19 countries, at an exhibition space covering nearly 8,000 square meters, while at the ZEPS Intermetal has gathered 20 exhibitors.
The schools corresponding to a low socio-economic status were located in priority education areas (Zone d'Education Prioritaire: ZEP) defined by the French government (Ministry of National Education) and these ZEP schools received additional funding.
Led Zep, who sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, are set to play their first-ever comeback gig in London's O2 arena tomorrow.
Sadly, it was around this time that the French education system began to go downhill -- not, as Le Pen's followers would say, because the children of immigrants bring the class level down and, in one magic puff, raise the school dropout rate, but because their very presence in a school results in a ghettoization, since French society has established the equation: immigrants = school misfits, incivility, violence, and finally, the creation of ZEPs (Priority Education Zones).
Generative phonology, since its inception, has yielded a particularly rich crop of such arguments (such as Zeps 1963; Schane 1968; Kiparsky 1968, 1972, 1973; Anderson 1973; and others).
Ireland's Home-School-Community Liaison Scheme (which serves pupils and supports parents in disadvantaged areas), the Danish policy of designating about one in ten folkeskoles as local cultural centers for the community, and the French ZEPS (education priority zones) system are good examples of innovative central government initiatives to link home, school and community.
The other mayoral candidate Viesturs Zeps from For Latvia's Development received 12 votes eight from For Latvia's Development and four from the National Alliance.
ZENICA - 11.00 - Press-conference on the occasion of General BiH fair ZEPS 2018 and international ZEPS Intermetal Fair - zgrada RMK, Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka I 17
Der Unterzeichnete halt jedoch eine estnische Herkunft fur glaubwurdiger, im Gegensatz zu der seinerzeit von Valdis Zeps proponierten livischen Etymologie.