ZERLINAZero Energy Reactor for Lattice Investigations and New Assemblies
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Baffling gestures included Masetto and Zerlina standing on chairs and extending their arms upwards and away from each other in odd Nazi-like salutes.
The Zerlina of Mojca Erdmann is beautifully sung with a small, amazingly focused soprano sound, but her characterization leans to the innocent and pure, lacking the smarts of Zerlina.
And when Christopher Maltman's shirtless Guglielmo exited hand in hand with Dorabella, just as Giovanni had done with Zerlina, you knew what they were going to do.
This is the rarely seen 1788 Vienna edition of the score, which sadly does away with Ottavios"Il mio tesoro" (Mozart's Vienna tenor simply couldn't sing it) and, instead, inserts a new duet for Leporello (disguised as the Don) and Zerlina, in which she seductively removes her nylons, ties him up and roughly shaves him with a knife.
Kathryn Rudge, delightful as Zerlina in Opera North's current Don Giovanni, is a stylish and talented mezzo-soprano and her lower register tended to get lost in the dense orchestral accompaniment.
His third target is a young bride, Zerlina, whom Don Giovanni attempts to seduce on her wedding day.
The period is roughly Edwardian, and Fleischle's costumes elegantly bring out the different social classes, from the country lass Zerlina (a sparky Lucy Hall - this girl knows exactly what she's getting into) to the glamorous socialite Elvira (Ania Jeruc - a woman on the edge, with a voice by turns tender and raw).
I do not say that appearances are irrelevant to his success: we see his position as a nobleman making a great impression on the peasant girls he encounters (like Zerlina in Don Giovanni).
The professional singer due to perform the role of Zerlina would be delayed because of a car breakdown - and Lynda, who had been itching to take part, would offer her services as a replacement.
A travers l'epaisseur des caracteres, les personnages - aux apparences legeres - de Don Giovanni, le Commandeur, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Donna Elvira, Leporello, Masetto et Zerlina, ont renseigne, avec minutie, sur la nature humaine dans sa complexite.
The same may be said of Patti's delicate differentiation between the two airs of Zerlina in Don Giovanni, which she made partly by instinct and partly because she had been trained in the right tradition.