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ZESZollinger-Ellison Syndrome
ZESZone Economique Spéciale (French: Special Economic Zone)
ZESZimmer Electronic Systems (Oberursel, Germany)
ZESZero Energy System
ZESZweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten (Dutch student glider club; Eindhoven, Netherlands)
ZESZutphen Elderly Study
ZESZukeran Elementary School (Okinawa, Japan)
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Fluke, ZES Zimmer, and other similar analyzers don't have to apply anti-alias filtering when computing power.
The ZES featured a two-hour, invitation-only session for 100 of Zambia's most promising entrepreneurs, including Young African Leader Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellows, alumni of other entrepreneurship exchange programs, embassy youth council members and participants of a recent social entrepreneurship boot camp.
84] performed a clinical study enrolling 44 patients with acute coronary syndrome receiving either a biodegradable polymer-based SES (BP-SES) or durable polymer-based ZES (DP-ZES).
Duodenal gastrinomas are the most common NETs in this site; they can occur sporadically or in a background of MEN, where they are often associated with ZES (see above).
Resist 65 and Resist ZES are two-component, solvent based inorganic zinc ethyl silicate primers.
In the 1960s and 1970s, most diagnosed ZES cases were clinically fulminant.
The ZES programme is targeted at Omani Engineering/Science/Management/ Commerce (fresh or with maximum two years experience) graduates having good communication skills, a winning attitude, quick learning faculties and good analytical capabilities.
ZES also implemented driver identification technology to meet SATS" request for better safety and security.
ZES also installed driver identification for better safety and security and a Geofencing Feature to help with the assignment of vehicles to defined areas.
In Serbia's parliamentary elections on May 11, the ZES coalition won 102 seats in the 250-member parliament, while the Socialist-led bloc garnered 20.
ZES is a rare but serious chronic condition characterized by the development of tumors that secrete excessive levels of gastrin, a hormone that stimulates acid production by the stomach.