ZESNZimbabwe Election Support Network
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The ZESN stated that over 750 000 voters were turned away from urban polling stations alone.
94% of urban voters were registered," ZESN said in a statement.
When compounded by the massive bias in the state media, the campaign of intimidation in rural areas, the lack of meaningful voter education, the rushed electoral process and the harassment of civil society leaving the credibility of these elections severely compromised," the ZESN said, calling on the African Union and the Southern African Development community to be objective in their evaluation in choosing a final government for Zimbabwe.
The director of the ZESN was briefly detained by police in
72) ZESN noted that results were not posted in three
repeatedly raided the offices of both the MDC and ZESN.
18) ZESN, Report on Zimbabwe's 2005 General Election, April
This is in sharp contrast to rural areas where only 38% of polling stations turned away many potential voters," ZESN detailed.
But John Nkomo dismissed Matchaba-Hove's remarks, saying the ZESN was an "MDC-allied group, its top men are all MDC people who would say anything that the MDC wanted them to say".