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ZETAZero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
ZETAZero Energy Thermonuclear Apparatus
ZETAZoophiles for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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Combined with Zeta's leading marketing platform, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the acquisition enables Zeta to offer personalised real-time marketing at scale on the open web.
The IDFC Bank Benefits solution developed jointly with Zeta allows for bank-like payment features outside the traditional banking relationship.
Employees will receive the necessary allowances in their Zeta account in different virtual wallets categorised in medical and food cards.
Steuding [Ste12a] proved that a sequence consisting of the constant multiple of the imaginary part of the a-points of the Riemann zeta function is uniformly distributed modulo one.
Representing the talks at the workshop and some additional contributions, the 13 papers cover L-functions of varieties over finite fields and Artin L-functions; height zeta functions and arithmetic; motivic zeta functions, Poincare series, complex monodromy, and knots; and zeta functions for groups and representations.
If Los Zetas devolves from an organization to a decentralized network, the violence from this instability could be spectacular at localized levels in cities and states where the organization once controlled its own rank-and-file, as well as the smaller organizations that worked as subcontractors for Zeta leaders.
Zeta, 42, reckons the X Factor boss, who she met in 2004, has a long-standing crush on her but insists they are just friends.
Zeta Instruments' multisurface metrology package allows for analysis of sealed micro-channels.
According to AIM, "there was no transmission of the HIV virus from Patient Zeta to anyone else.
Zeta Interactive, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, has announced the launch of its nationwide "Simply Savings" digital coupon initiative through its highly acclaimed digital publishing and email marketing platform, Zeta Next Page.
Red carpet: Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones.
Auto Business News-2 April 2009-GM decides to retain Zeta until 2020(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.