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ZEVZero Emission Vehicle
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Both brands and product lines will remain in place," said ZEV Technologies chairman and CEO Matt Ridenour.
If General Motors or Ford or somebody else makes electric vehicles, they get to monetize their ZEV credit at 100 cents on the dollar, so if there are two ZEV credits per vehicle, General Motors would have a $5,000 cost advantage over Tesla" he said.
ZEV CHAFETS: Yeah, you know, I do think that, and I think he's answerable to the public.
What happened was that Earl Sande on Zev not only drew alongside but went straight past, setting up a lead that, in conditions strongly favouring front-runners anyway, he had little difficulty in maintaining to the line.
Several states--MA, NY and VT--have already adopted the ZEV rules.
Zev Weiss is one of the people charged with making that happen.
But the battery technology required to fuel California's ZEV revolution has evolved much more slowly, and been much more expensive, than the law writers anticipated, in spite of massive public- and private-sector investment in the research effort.
Produced by Zev Asher, Richard Bingham, Phil Saunders-Arratia.
Other states that have adopted the California ZEV mandate include New York and Massachusetts, and it is being considered by others.
Remember tells the story of Zev Guttman (Christopher Plummer), a 90-year-old struggling with memory loss living out his final years in a serene retirement home.
I first met Zev in the Spring of 1983 when I was finishing my Ph.