ZHDZonal Health Department (Ethiopia)
ZHDZenith Hydrostatic Delay
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ZHDs for each site were calculated using the ECMWF reanalysis data for two reasons: (1) surface meteorological data are not available at many IGS stations, and (2) the ECMWF outperforms the empirical ZHD models as reported by [31].
where ZHD is the zenith hydrostatic delay, ZWD is the zenith wet delay, and [m.sub.h] and [m.sub.w] are mapping functions that describe the variation of ZHD and ZWD with varying elevation angle (Bohm et al.
Omitting here details in derivation of ZHD and ZWD (Bevis et al., 1992; Ning, 2012), PW is related to ZWD through a conversion factor, Q:
En la primera se calcularon coordenadas refinadas para la estacion MARA referidas al ITRF05, materializado por las estaciones CRO1, CUCU y SCUB, lo que permitio luego determinar y remover del retardo zenital total (ZTD), y la respectiva componente hidrostatica o ZHD, para ello se aplico como modelo a priori el de Saastamoinen (1973) con su respectiva funcion de mapeo y los datos meteorologicos de la estacion.
Given that Bykov's Varangians and Khazars are broadly equivalent to "Russians" and "Jews," respectively, ZhD lends itself to accusations of being simultaneously Russophobic and anti-Semitic.
The ZHD 2000 Easy Feed can be set up to handle small volumes up to large throughputs, depending on production requirements.
By making a precise measurement of atmospheric pressure at each site, scientists can easily calculate ZHD. Subtracting this from observed tropospheric delay yields the signal delay caused by the water vapor in the atmosphere.
The resulting Zenith Total Delay (ZTD) by processing GNSS data, which is caused by the tropospheric refraction, is divided into two components: 1) the hydrostatic part called Zenith Hydrostatic Delay (ZHD) and 2) the non-hydrostatic delay part called Zenith Wet Delay (ZWD) (Davis et al., 1985) or Wet Tropospheric Delay (WTD).
The ZTD is comprised of zenith hydrostatic delay (ZHD) and zenith wet delay (ZWD).
Sultan Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, met the Social Responsibility Initiatives Committee and team members of the Zayed Humanitarian Day (ZHD) event at the Ministry of Economy's offices in the capital, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.
The zenith total delay can be separated into a hydrostatic part (Zenith Hydrostatic Delay, ZHD), related to the atmospheric pressure, and a wet part (Zenith Wet Delay, ZWD) which is dependent on the water vapour in the troposphere.