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More importantly, the theme of the BRI's similarity with Kazakhstan's own "Nurly Zhol" project is obviously a widely covered topic.
The remaining 15 seats were split between the Ak Zhol bloc and Communist People's Party (CPPK).
As many as 234 candidates from the following six parties are running for the parliament: the ruling party Nur Otan (127 candidates), Ak Zhol (35 candidates), Aul (19 candidates), the Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan (22 candidates), the Nationwide Social Democratic Party (23 candidates) and the Birlik Party (eight candidates).
In light of the New Economic Policy Nurly Zhol (The Bright Road), President Nursultan Nazarbayev acknowledged the potential of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for the economic upliftment of the region.
Development and implementation of the national project on promoting the idea of the Society of Common Labor, which includes plans to implement the infrastructure development program "Nurly Zhol" (Path to the Future), the second five-year period of industrialization and personal success stories of Kazakh citizens (heroes of our time), who achieved success since independence.
In addition, participants were acquainted with large-scale work carried out in our country in accordance with the new economic policy "Nurly Zhol", aimed at the development of industrial infrastructure: transport and logistics, industrial, energy, social, infrastructure of housing and water and heat supply networks, strengthening the housing-related infrastructure.
The other factor is defined through the urgency and importance of the "Nurly Zhol" National program given tasks: Cooperation and integration into the world educational space is the one of the main priorities in Kazakhstan's internal and foreign policy.
His investigation, however, portrays many parties--including those of Adilet, Ak Zhol, Auyl, Nur Otan, Party of Patriots, Rukhaniiat, Nagiz Ak Zhol--as having no clear programmatic statements and being very close, ideologically.
Oraz Zhandosov, a former Kazakh trade, industry, and economy minister who is now leader of the opposition Naghyz Ak Zhol party, in June 2006 claimed Kulibayev's appointment was a continuation of presidential politics at the expense of sound government, adding: "It happened long ago and it continues.
Another candidate, Alikhan Baymenov, had been nominated by the "moderate opposition" Ak Zhol Party.
The other parties with a small presence in parliament are the pro-business Ak Zhol and the People's Communist Party, which have eight and seven deputies respectively.