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ZHZZuid Holland Zuid
ZHZZettahertz (frequency)
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ZHZ as transmitted in its longest variants is a compilation of five compositions.
The composition, otherwise the first in the long versions of ZHZ, is here combined with two other compositions of a completely different origin; there is no colophon.
Finally, RRC demonstrates that not only the first composition could have had an independent status without joining other compositions of ZHZ (as is obvious from text-type A).
Cautiously I suggest that the upper heading was written by Lady Drawer herself, while the one below was authored by a Mandaean, perhaps by Sheikh Negm, who purchased this manuscript for Drawer and produced the copy of the first part to make the text of ZHZ "complete." (29) In addition, text-type B (DC 13) does not have any heading (the beginning of the manuscript is however missing; see the discussion above), but there is a rubric beside drawing 2 that suggests that the name of the composition is Zarazta d-Hibil Ziua: hazin qmaha uzarazta d-hibilziua.