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ZIFZero Insertion Force (chip socket)
ZIFZero Insertion Force
ZIFZero Intermediate Frequency
ZIFZone d'Intervention Foncière (French: Intervention Land Area)
ZIFWestern Asset Zenix Income Fund (stock symbol)
ZIFZüblin Immobilière France (real estate investment firm)
ZIFZone Integration Server
ZIFFallowfield Railway Station, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
ZIFZo Indigenous Forum (website)
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Reifschneider and Williams (1999) show that price-level targeting is an effective means of mitigating the implications of the ZIF. Under such a rule, the policymaker commits to achieving a specified target path for the price level.
(2) Las ZIF, de acuerdo a la Decision 501/2001 de la CAN, son entendidas como aquellos espacios territoriales "fronterizos adyacentes de Paises Miembros de la Comunidad Andina para los que se adoptaran politicas y ejecutaran planes, programas y proyectos" (Comunidad Andina de Naciones, 2001, pp.
Four layers are the maximum practical limit, as it can become difficult to meet the ZIF thickness requirement.
We then used an Intel supplied chip extractor to remove it from its ZIF socket and installed the replacement.
1, zif. 11 bvergg 2018 with the winner (1st prize) of the competition.
De igual forma, se retomaron las Comisiones de Buena Vecindad e Integracion Colombia-Ecuador (CVICE), que fueron creadas a finales de los anos ochenta, y que constituyen un mecanismo de dialogo politico que promueve la integracion, el desarrollo y la cooperacion en la zona de integracion fronteriza (ZIF) (15).
The prospective customer showed me the picture in FIGURE 1 and stated all three of his current flex circuit fabricators had built parts with this zero insertion force (ZIF) contact pattern.
Chung, "Highly permeable zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF)-71 nano-particles enhanced polyimide membranes for gas separation," Journal of Membrane Science, vol.
Israeli Zif hospital in Safed in occupied Palestine.
Additionally, the VLP Series, an enhanced version of the previous SFVL Series of FPC ZIF connectors, is also available now with 0.5 mm pitch and 0.7 mm height, providing secure mating in con-fined board spaces.
The ZIF structure requires no force for insertion/removal, and FPC side tabs prevent slanted insertion.
Probe use is facilitated by accessories including a browser tip; a solder-in probe head; a deskew fixture; a ZIF probe head; and adapters for a sampling scope, a high-impedance probe, and a 2.92-mm/SMA probe.