ZIGHZnanstveni Institut Gradiscanskih Hrvatov (Croatian: Scientific Institute of the Burgenland Croats)
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Korfiatis, Cloutier, and Zigh (2015) authored a series of articles between 2011 and 2015 related to CONOPS development and early systems engineering design methods.
The proposed shadow detection and removal method is applied to improve the building stereo matching process proposed in Zigh et al [17], and conducted using a neuronal Hopfield matching method, initialized by geometric and photometric regions properties (surface, elongation, perimeter, colour and gravity center coordinates) [17].
For his part, Digital Director at the Francophone University Association, Jamel Abdelkader Zighed stressed the need to develop new mechanisms for distance education and training able to meet the needs of the new generation of students.
Zighed, "Extracting social networks to understand interaction," Proceedings - 2011 International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, ASONAM 2011, p.
Pour sa part, le directeur de l'Ecole nationale de la PC, le colonel Abdelhamid Zighed, a presente un expose sur le management strategique de la crise et la procedure de gestion de la crise.
2010), and a few perform a hybrid of the two actions (Lallich, Muhlenbach, and Zighed 2002; Muhlenbach, Lallich, and Zighed 2004; Rebbapragada and Brodley 2007).
Zighed (Eds), Apprentissage: Des principes naturels aux methodes artificielles.