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ZIMAZambia Independent Media Association
ZIMAZimbabwe Mathematics Association
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"The machines hold two or three flavors of Zima XXX at once and the smaller units fit easily on the bar," Mirelez says.
specifications to produce Coors beers for domestic sale, although the brewery did produce Coors Light for export.The company also used the brewery for production of the Blue Moon specialty beers, as well as the Zima and Keystone product lines.
The father figure is blustery Vlad (Miroslav Kolar), mom is timid Renata (Alice Snirychova), son is "really psyched" Petr (Karel Zima) and daughter is rebellious Kamila (Katerina Janeckova).
"The volume helps, but it's not a business in itself," says David Chelminsky, buyer at Zima. Besides rampant piracy in the nation's street markets, legitimate retailers also are stocked with DVDs from the U.S.
(2) "Support Keystone Light, Killian's, Zima, Blue Moon and Mexicali with local programming."
With: Jakub Doubrava, Tana Pauhofova, Petr Forman, Karel Zima, Zuzana Stivinova, Ondrej Vetchy, Pavel Zednicek, Pavel Ladovsky.
Sherilyn Fenn Rosemary Jill Scott Cissy Regan Arnold Amanda Vanessa Zima Randall Kevin Bacon Grandma Windsor Jackie Bmu-ougim Dede April Mullen Reverend Hillman Dan Lett Granddaddy Byrd Myon Natwick Lisa Cholodenko's sober retelling of Dorothy Allison's novel about a determined woman returning home to confront her traumatic past and pull her damaged family together, "Cavedweller" is a solid adaptation that never quite achieves its potential.
The beverage category has blossomed in recent years, with offerings such as leader Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Zima, Skyy Blue and Tequiza.
Alfhaville, founded by Mexican distrib veteran Alfonso Lopez, shoulders its way into a marketplace already occupied by distributors Arthaus, Cinemas Nueva Era, Zima, Filmhaus, Latina, Guzzi and NuVision.
Complex, a new young men's bimonthly lifestyle magazine, partnered with Coors this summer in a seasonal marketing effort for Zima.
AP--Grocery and convenience stores can keep selling malternative beverages, such as Mike's Hard Lemonade and Zima, if the governor signs a bill lifting a ban imposed by state regulators.
Produced, directed, written by Jorge Zima. Camera (color), Teddy Kearney; editor, Miguel Sumaria; music, Zima.