ZIMSZoological Information Management System
ZIMSZagreb International Medical Summit (Croatia)
ZIMSZiyi Image Management System (website)
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"Adding ZIMS was like turning on the lights in an otherwise very dim room," said Conde.
On March 22, the Tribe acquired Zims Hot Springs, which is located five miles north of New Meadows.
Therefore, the optimization for the electromagnetic performance, particularly, the bandwidth property of the detached ZIM lens is not emphasized.
This is what apparently happened: in the year 675, the minister Mgar Btsansna, after having carried out a registration (mkhos) (23) of ZanZun in Guran of Zims, went to Ltajyo in the land of the Drugu or went to the land of the Drugu for a (forced) ?trade agreement (Itanyo) (24) (OTA, 1.
The Zims - the worst side in the world - are furious about the catch England second slip Nick Knight claimed to get rid of opener Trevor Gripper.
(5) In relation to the present study in Dalmatian pelicans, a review of the values entered into ZIMS revealed mean total WBC counts in 4 more commonly maintained pelican species between 11 250 cells/[micro]L (P occidentalis) and 19 230 cells/[micro]L (P rufescens), with a wide range of minimum (2000 cells/[micro]L) and maximum (59 700 cells/[micro]L) values.
All the chosen adoption names will be added to the official records by DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator Dr David Beeston, who manages the zoo's web-based ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) records.
By batting first in Ahmedabad against the Zims and by bowling first versus the Kiwis in Nagpur, the Aussie batsmen have run through setting and chasing a target against teams with spinners and swing bowlers who demand respect.
"Then I'm just going to take the lot and get out of the country with the cash - to Zims or South Africa."
This code is then installed onto the web-based ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) which is updated regularly with the animal's health, care and wellbeing records.
He has smashed tons against Sri Lanka and South Africa in the last year and he top-scored in three of the Zims' warm-ups.