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ZINZumba Instructor Network
ZINZinfandel (grape)
ZINZin Technologies (Brook Park, Ohio)
ZINZorg Identificatie Nummer (Dutch: Care Identification Number; healthcare)
ZINZertifikat Internet-Nutzung (German: Certificate of Internet Use)
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Mohamed Zin also urged members of the public who wanted to enter forest reserves for recreation or eco-tourism to apply for a permit so that the department can keep track of them.
Zin and the Italian varietal Primitivo are genetically the some grope as Crljenak Kaitelanski.
There is a high anticipation of gas from Zin to be low btu/cft quality, which can essentially be only utilized for power generation.
The pregnancy test kit market is poised for similar development, Zin says.
Pepper, spice, cedar and vanilla oak are the key words for this big and bold zin; a stunning example of what this American grape can be.
Join Maximo on his quest to uncover the secret of Zin as he comes across Crystal Mountains, Dead Seas and terrifying enemies.
The show, Zin Zin, was the hit of the Edinburgh Festival last year and this is the group's only British performance in 2001.
Imports has also just extended its offerings with the addition of Belmondo Zin to its line of Belmondo wines, introduced last year.
The original eight acres of zin plantings have now been increased to 26 acres and include cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petite syrah, and petit verdot.
Johor Civil Defence Force (APM) director Colonel (PA) Mat Zin Bujang said the victims comprise 41 people from Kampung Kolam Air, Simpang Renggam near Kluang and 75 people from Kampung Parit Jayus 3 and 4, Seri Medan, near Batu Pahat.
Het WBL wil een raamovereenkomst dakwerkzaamheden sluiten, met als doel alle werkzaamheden aan het dakvlak in de breedste zin van het woord te borgen, namelijk:
The Saudi national, who has permanent UK residency through wife Zin, 40, is said to be traumatised and plans to sue the Government for alleged complicity in his detention.