ZINWAZimbabwe National Water Authority
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According to the council, Zinwa is also liable to pay money to the municipalit for overcharging water as estimated bills were issued to the local authority and also Value Added Tax which was charged by Zinwa but council could not pass it to domestic consumers.
The two pieces of legislation (Water and ZINWA Acts) referred to above were an attempt to ensure a fundamental shift in the way water resources were managed in the country.
The zenith of ZINWA incapacity manifested in the widespread of cholera outbreak whose cradle was the city, particularly Budiriro high-density suburb in Harare.
"Most parts of Harare - including the city centre - did not get water yesterday amid claims by Zinwa staff that the authority had stopped pumping after it ran out of one of the essential chemicals," the Herald newspaper, a government mouthpiece, reported.
It follows from the ZINWA Act, Section 41 that only permitted water is subject to the user pays principle in terms of the new water levy.
According to Zinwas corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga, the plant would start complete function by mid-July.
The project will also provide technical assistance for the development of the National Water Resources Master Plan, the commercialisation of Zinwa and the creation of an independent water services regulator as stipulated by the National Water Policy."
The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is looking to build a 15MW hydropower plant and the government is said to have committed $20 million for the project.
The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) said, Kondo dam will set in economic development for the country mainly in electricity generation in the country and in the region.
The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has inked a deal with Sino Hydro to build Kunzvi Dam.
Are being finalized by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) and Sino Hydro.
Government has reduced the rate of raw water for ranchers, industries, estates and mines that draw the commodity from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (zinwa) dams nationwide by between 27% and 56%.