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In addition, teachers who connect new learning to students' backgrounds can increase student comprehension (Taboada, Tonks, Wigfield, & Guthrie, 2009; Ziori & Dienes, 2008) and support what educational psychologists (Goldstone & Day, 2012) call "far transfer," or the ability to use learning in new, unfamiliar situations.
These implicit processes work associatively, allowing past experiences to exert an influence over ongoing experiences (Kihlstrom, Barnhardt, & Tataryn, 1992; Lewicki, 1985; Reber, 1989; Rigoni, Kuhn, Sartori, & Brass, 2011; Schacter, 1992; Ziori & Dienes, 2006).
The implicit processes can therefore improve the performance of memory in the absence of conscious awareness (Ziori & Dienes, 2006).