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ZIP+4Zone Improvement Plan + 4 (9 digit ZIP code, USPS)
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A fast and easy way to receive complete ZIP+4 data on any published listing.
The advanced bar code will also be coming into common use - it codes not only the five-digit ZIP code area and the ZIP+4, which is the block or building of the addressee, but all the way down to the actual address within the building.
Postal Numeric Encoding Technique (POSTNIET): The barcode system used on letter-size and flat-size mail-pieces for encoding the delivery point information and ZIP+4 code information.
The results: Easy personalization of information, postal savings and expedition through ZIP+4 barcoding and postal presort.
Postal-based geographic units are offered at the ZIP code, Carrier Route and ZIP+4 levels.
The program and database on a single CD-ROM can replace dozens of printed ZIP+4 Code directories.
This Easy Analytic Software maintains information that relates each residential ZIP+4 to its appropriate Block Group.
LACS will provide the better address, enabling assignment of a more accurate ZIP+4 code.
The data in American Business Database contains company name, phone number, and complete mailing address, including the ZIP+4 and Carrier Route Codes for better postal discounts.
This ZIP+4 clustering, while interesting, does not allow for individual distinctions and therefore households can not be counted on to behave to specific marketing strategies with any reliability.
The List MasterFile, on the other hand, is available for a broad range of marketing offers and consists of demographic and lifestyle data as well as some financial information that has been summarized at the ZIP+4 level.
Also be aware of ZIP+4 data, as it tends to be heavily skewed toward credit usage; unfortunately, many ZIP+4s have individuals with little or no credit history.