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In order to emphasize the importance for Zipes of the uncertainties related to the origins of fairy tales, I will first mention the book's two appendices, which review recent books on the origins of fairy tales that claim to offer definitive accounts of fairy-tale history.
Zipes used all the materials to analyze eight cases where clinically healthy men lost consciousness after being struck by a Taser X26, and all but one died.
Basile's tales are morally ambivalent, stylistic hybrids; they depend on highly metaphorical language and display numerous intertextual references to ancient and modern literature.The foreword to Canepa's book, written by renowned fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes, is a brief but useful comparative essay that places Basile's work within the context of the European fairy tale.
Zipes has refreshed his material in this book by borrowing several ideas from the biological sciences, notably Richard Dawkins's theory of memetics.
Zipes, director of the Krannert Institute of Cardiology at Indiana University, Indianapolis.
Zipes, distinguished emeritus professor of medicine at Indiana University, Indianapolis.
Zipes: There is an entity called "inappropriate sinus tachycardia" characterized by faster-than-normal beating of the normal pacemaker of the heart.
In 2003 author Jack Zipes translated Beautiful Angiola, the first half of Laura Gonzenbach's treasury of folk and fairy tales told by Sicilian peasants.
International scholar of fairy tales and folklore Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota, presents a slide-illustrated talk, "Revisiting Cinderella: A New Approach to an Ancient Tale." The lecture will explain why particular tales become so popular and are retold and rewritten in thousands of ways, from the 17th century to the present.
Douglas Zipes, who is spearheading the Neighborhood Heart Watch initiative to place AEDs in communities across the country, recently heard from a colleague whose father had suffered a heart attack.
Zipes explores the world of children's literature, and its connection to the socialization of children.