ZIPIZeta Instrument Processor Interface (music research project)
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"Zipi is the solution I envisioned from day one," says Jesse Garcia, CEO of Zipi.
Zipi is designed to simplify finances, validate commission earnings and provide detailed production reports to guide and influence business operations.
Zipi is in the process of integrating with popular applications, such as Dotloop, Skyslope, Follow Up Boss, Brivity and Contactually in order to minimize the tedious task of data entry.
And don't worry, Zipi has kept and enhanced many great features from Pipeline Wizard such as the "Commission Validation[TM] Tool." This free tool allows real estate agents to enter commission splits along with any other percentages and deductions that must be accounted for.
Zipi's family came from Poland after the Second World War, and they settled in the area at the beginning of the 1970s.
The authors thank Efrat Addad, Esther Cohen, and Zipi Shimeon for their assistance.
Of all the funny names-weed Atman, Ditzah and Zipi Pisk, Ortho Bob, Mirage-my favorite is Isaiah Two Four, Prairie's heavy metal boyfriend, named by his parents for the swords-into plowshares, spears-into-pruning-hooks passage from the Bible.