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ZIRAZone d'Intérêt pour la Reconnaissance Approfondie (French: Area of Interest for Thorough Recognition)
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Four more teams were deployed, two each in Sultanpur Lodhi and Zira for rescue operations.
In addition to installing the planes, the Friends of Zira and Sidon's Beach will expand the park by adding tanks and memorabilia donated by the Lebanese Army.
PCC Chief Captain Amarinder Singh too donated his blood as a mark of solidarity, and his support to the farming community," Inderjeet Singh Zira said.
If a bus for Ferozepur didn't show up within a short space of time, I should catch a bus to Zira, where there were many buses to Ferozepur.
But, on current form, it will take several thousand years, rather than a few hundred, before they become half as bright, civilised and articulate as Cornelius and Zira.
Zira is believed to be living among Taliban extremists in the mountains of Afghanistan which were last night under attack for a second night running.
During the three-day tournament, more than 100 gymnasts will participate in the competitions representing "Ojag Sport" Club, Baku Gymnastics School, Republican Complex Sports School, "AyUlduz" Club, Sarhadchi Sports Olympic Center, Aquatic Palace, Zabrat Sport Club, Gymkids Club, Sports Society of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zira Cultural Center as well as Sumgait, Ganja, Mingachevir cities and Shaghan settlement.
Summary: The Directorate General of Land and Maritime Transport has begun removing old and damaged boats from Sidon's port, in cooperation with the Sidon Municipality and the Friends of Zira and Sidon's Beach organization.
The British actress took to Twitter and Instagram to post a pic of Charlton Heston kissing the female ape Zira in the 1968 movie.
In addition, Fairyhouse bumper scorer Railway Zira lines up for her first hurdle race.
The 40-year old woman, Sarabjit Kaur, is reportedly a resident of Mahianwala village near Zira town in Ferozepur district.
The actress who also appeared in three Planet Of The Apes films as Dr Zira, the chimpanzee psychiatrist, enjoyed a long and busy career in theatre and TV, although less so in films partly because she was blacklisted during the communisthunting 1950s.