ZISPZoological Institute, St. Petersburg (Russia)
ZISPZebra Independent Service Provider (Zebra Technologies Corp.; Vernon Hills, IL)
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Photographs were taken at ZISP with a DFC 290 digital camera attached to a Leica MZ16 stereomicroscope, except for the photos of D.
Paratypes: 4[female] same data as holotype (2[female] ZISP, 1[female] BMNH, 1[female] ZSM).
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: 3[female] same data as holotype (2[female] ZISP, 1[female] ZSM); 1[female] Louwsberg, Sanyati farm [=iGwala-Gwala private nature reserve], 27[degrees]34.