ZISPZoological Institute, St. Petersburg (Russia)
ZISPZebra Independent Service Provider (Zebra Technologies Corp.; Vernon Hills, IL)
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1[male] (AMNH_PBI 00170980), 1[female] (AMNH_PBI 00171034) (ZISP).
4[female] (AMNH PBI 00171787-AMNH_PBI 00171790) (ZISP).
Chesselet voucher-NYBG, 2[female] (AMNH_PBI 00171288, AMNH PB1 00171289), 2[female] (AMNH_PBI 00171326, AMNH_PBI 00171327) (ZISP).
Photographs were taken at ZISP with a DFC 290 digital camera attached to a Leica MZ16 stereomicroscope, except for the photos of D.
van Noort, Malaise trap, GA00-M27, SAM-HYM-P0024919 (head absent; ZISP).
Robertson, Malaise trap, BW01-E5-M36, SAMHYM-P0024893 (ZISP).
Mostovski, Malaise trap (2[female] SAMC, 3[female] 1[male] ZISP); 6[female] same data, but 8.i.2005 (2[female] BMNH, 2[female] ZSM, 2[female] ZISP); 1[female] Ngoye Forest, Malaise trap, ix.2005- i.2006, G.
Paratypes: 4[female] same data as holotype (2[female] ZISP, 1[female] BMNH, 1[female] ZSM).
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: 1[female] 1[male] same data as holotype but 29.v-21.ix.2006 (ZISP); 1[female] Cathedral Peak, Education Camp, 28[degrees]57.4'S 29[degrees]14.4'E, 1420 m, 11-12.ix.2004, M.
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: 3[female] same data as holotype (2[female] ZISP, 1[female] ZSM); 1[female] Louwsberg, Sanyati farm [=iGwala-Gwala private nature reserve], 27[degrees]34.0'S 31[degrees]17.9'E, 1090 m, 19-31.viii.2005, M.
Paratypes: same data as holotype, 2 specimens without soft parts, largest 13.8 mm, smallest 11.7 mm (MZB 45694); 1 specimen coated and dismounted for SEM analysis (Figs 2A-W) (MZB 45695); 1 specimen, length 15.5 mm (MNHN); 1 specimen, length 14.5 mm (BMNH); 1 specimen, length 12.7 mm (NMSA); 1 specimen, length 16.2 mm (ZISP 61115); 1 specimen, length 16.7 mm (ZSM Mol 20100376); 2 specimens, length 14.8 and 15.5 mm (GP); 2 specimens, length 14 and 15 mm (BD).