ZKSZero-Knowledge Systems
ZKSZentrum Klinische Studien (German: Clinical Trials Center)
ZKSZentrale Koordination Sportpsychologie (German: Coordination Center of Sport Psychology)
ZKSZwiazkowy Klub Strzelecki (Polish: United Shooting Club, Warsaw, Poland)
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ZKS yra informatikos, psichologijos, sociologijos, projektavimo ir dar daugelio kitu dalyku sanduroje.
ZKS tikslas--suprasti, kaip vartotojai atlieka veiksmus, kokias uzduotis jiems reikia atlikti ir kaip kompiuterine sistema gali palengvinti uzduociu atlikima--padaryti ji efektyvesni ir patogesni.
Nagrinejant ZKS, visi duomenys skirstomi i dvi sritis: informacijos apie zmogu surinkima (konkrecios tikslines grupes vartojimo iprociai ir poreikiai) ir informacijos panaudojima pries ji pati (atitinkama informacija pateikiama reikiamoje vietoje tikslingai pagal jau sudaryta tikslini vartotojo (zmogaus) apibudinima).
The measuring principle of the ZKS sensors is based on the Hall effect.
In spite of some differences in weathering stage profiles for the different skeletal parts of the species (Table 5), the distribution of WS between belugas and walruses (WS1+2 = 80.5%; WS3 = 17.5%; WS4+5 = 2%), seals (WS1+2 = 91.3%, WS3 = 6%; WS4+5 = 2.7%), and caribou (WS1+2 = 82.5%; WS3 = 11.1%; WS4+5 = 6.4%) appears to be similar, as shown by the ZKS test (Fig.
metal table, adjustable in height, for cassettes for growing planting material with zks 300 pcs.
for access control, components from the siemens siport product range as well as salto mechatronic systems must be offered in order to integrate them into the central zks structure.
Predmetem verejn zakzky je zabezpecen cistoty na zem mestsk csti Brno-sever v rozsahu podle smlouvy a jejich prloh, kter spocv v zajiten pravidelnho citen komunikac pro vozidla, parkovacch ploch a chodnku vcetne schodu; citen celovch komunikac; strojn citen zkladnho komunikacnho systmu (ZKS); rozvozu dopravnho znacen na komunikace u nich se bude provdet citen s pouitm mechanizace a jejich nsledn odvoz; obsluha odpadkovch kou a zsobnku na scky a pruben udrovn cistoty vech komunikac.
1 and 2 The baseband interface (HD-SDI) of the EVS server is no longer just to the local router (LCS) of each director, but also to the central crossbar (ZKS) to ensure that a director-independent use of EVS is possible , The file-based connection via XFile server should as far remain.
Lot 1: in the thermal utilization of high calorific waste from the residual waste produced annually 6500-8500 t of filter dust (EWC code 19 01 07) This must be properly disposed of detection methods in approved plants via the ZKS.
Lot 1: In the thermal recovery of high calorific waste from the waste created per year from 6500 to 8500 tonnes of fly ash (EWC code 19 01 07) This must be properly disposed of detection methods in approved plants via the ZKS. Lot 2: The filter dust (6500-8500 t / a) is in silo vehicles from licensed companies from the place of production to the waste disposal as hazardous (ZKS-detection methods) to be transported (UN 2923).