ZKUZonguldak Karaelmas University (Zonguldak, Turkey)
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To respond to these requirements, Panasonic has commercialized the ZKU series of conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the industry's largest capacitance* by using its electrode foil large-capacitance technology.
Panasonic's new conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors (ZKU Series) have the following features:
Table 1 indicates that 75.6 % of ZKU HSVC students are age of between 18-23 years old.
Table 2 shows us that 51.2% of ZKU Health Services Vocational College students prefers their department in the selection period, 34.9% use their opportunity to pass without exam, 48.8% has information about their branches, 80.2% was satisfied with the programme, 83.7 % of students see themselves appropriate to their department, 62.8% has the same choice if they have chance to make a once again selection, 48.8% believes the aim of education is to increase the level of knowledge and intellect, 70.9% choose to be employed in civil service, 51.2% believes quality of education is adequate, 59.3% emphasize their education is to prepare them in business life, 44.2% never used library, 46.5% use computer in average.
62.8% of ZKU Health Services Vocational College students asserts that even they had a chance to make selection they would choose the same occupation.
On analyzing Table 3, it is observed that 61.6% students of ZKU Health Services Vocational College were thinking that the city, the university located did not satisfy the expectations, 51.2% of them were using public transportation while arriving at the university, 59.3% of them were satisfied with the food and cafeteria service, 24.4% of them were reading books and magazines in their leisure time, 93.0% of them were not a member of any student community, 41.9% of them were preferring to watch news and open courts, the type of music 26.7% was listening was Turkish folk Music and 54.7% of them never used the Healthcare Center.
After studying the results of the survey gone through total four universities ZKU, EU, OMU and FU, the findings concluded a parallelism with the results found in literature.
Major organization : ELEKTROTECHNICKE[yen] ZKU EBNEi EUSTAV, S.P.
Agency : CeskEi republika-EUstrednE[degrees] kontrolnE[degrees] a zku ebnE[degrees] E[bar]stav zemedelskE'
Sk.) - Workshop (with the participation of foreign partners as trainers + Czech teachers-participants internship) - Seminar (deepening of knowledge and zku .-mainstreaming in the country) .