ZLEZero Latency Enterprise
ZLEZone de Libre Echange (French: Free Trade Zone)
ZLEZero-Latency Enterprise
ZLEZone Limit Exceeded (computing)
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spina-christi leaves extract (ZLE) was filtered and then evaporated to dryness in vacuum evaporator (Heidolph, Germany).
The anthelmintic study was carried out using three doses (100, 200 and 300 mg/ml) of methanolic ZLE against the earthworm (Allolobophora caliginosa) by following the method of Ajaiyeoba et al.
Figure 1 shows the effect of ZLE on the outcome of E.
La ZLE ainsi mise en place ne sera qu'une etape avant d'aboutir a un Accord de libre-echange global et approfondi (ALEGA).
La ZLE etablie entre le Maroc et l'UE, tout en amenant de nouveaux defis aux secteurs productifs marocains, offrira d'enormes opportunites aux entreprises d'exportation, notamment dans le domaine du textile, celui de l'agriculture, de l'agroalimentaire ou de l'agro-industrie.
Afin de tirer profit des nouvelles opportunites nees de la nouvelle ZLE, les entreprises exportatrices du royaume devront ameliorer sensiblement leur competitivite.
Designed for high-end systems moving massive volumes of data, Talarian's software helps enable the instant-response, fault-tolerant capabilities that are the heart of ZLE solutions.
Further supporting the size and complexity of ZLE solutions, SmartSockets meets the industry's highest performance benchmarks and provides scalability designed from the ground up for n-tier architectures.
According to Battas, the ZLE has been experimentally scaled down to a four processor Alpha version, offering an entry-level price of $100,000.
To realize the full potential of the ZLE as it was demonstrated from Cupertino, Heil estimated that "a customer would be looking at an investment of somewhere in the mid $20m range."