ZLSZero Length String
ZLSZimmermann-Laband Syndrome
ZLSZion Lutheran School (various locations)
ZLSZero Length String (programming value)
ZLSZeeman Laser Scattering
ZLSZambia Library Service (est. 1962; Ministry of Education)
ZLSZanzibar Law Society (Tanzania)
ZLSZero-Lifetime Space (programming)
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"The project to develop ZLS shows an outstanding example of these successful collaborations," said Dr.
A series of clinical observations have shown that gain-of-function of EAG1 gene mutations is strongly associated with two severe neurological and developmental disorders, Zimmermann-Laband syndrome (ZLS) [21, 22] and Temple-Baraitser syndrome (TBS) [23, 100].
ZLS Author Institute, a division of ZLS Publishing will kick off Book Publishing Camp for Kids, its summer art and writing camp, in June.
The particle size of our nanoparticle system dispersed in water was obtained by zeta potential measurements (DLSZP/Particle Sizer Nicomp 380 ZLS).
The German designating authorities, ZLG and ZLS (in the interest of preserving space the acronyms are not defined), publish their list in a report.
Here [GAMMA] [subset] [OMEGA] is represented as the ZLS of a Lipschitz function [PHI]: [OMEGA] [right arrow] R such that
Products include the Nicomp 380, the Nicomp ZLS for zeta potential measurements and the AccuSizer FX for particle counting and analysis of submicron dispersions.
The Zoological Society of London (ZLS) has been awarded nearly pounds 50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to prevent the red-barbed ant (formica rufibarbis) from dying out.
"Some of the laboratories in addition have special accreditations by Russian GOSSTANDART, Chinese CNAL, Taiwanese BSMI, Korean RRL, Australian NATA, and German ZLS. Particular certification services through the subsidiary Nemko Certification AS (an IQNet member) [and] assessment and certification of quality systems to ISO 9000 ...
On the ZLs, they put the bars in the machine, they drop the 20 parts out, and they put them into assembly."