ZLTOZero Length Take-Off (aviation)
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9-4 Lemon Drop Kid (S Schulhofer), 7- 2 Fusaichi Pegasus (N Drysdale), 4 Giant's Causeway (A O'Brien), 10 Behrens (James Bond), 12 Captain Steve (B Baffert), 14 Tiznow (Jay Robbins), Cat Thief (Wayne Lukas), 16 Skimming (R Frankel), 20 Commendable (Wayne Lukas), Golden Missile (J Orseno), El Correador (B Baffert), Dixie Union (D Mandella), 33 Albert The Great (N Zlto), Early Pioneer (V Cerin).
The board consists of an independent chairman and representatives of the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO), the Royal Dutch Hunters' Association (KNJV), the Netherlands Organization for Hunting and Ground Management (NOJG), the Federatie Particulier Grondbezit (FPG), Natuurmonumenten and Brabants Landscape, Staatsbosbeheer, the Stichting Beheer Natuur en Landelijk gebied (SBNL), the Dierenbescherming and the Brabantse Milieufederatie (BMF).
A task force with entrepreneurs' organizations FME, VNO-NCW Brabant and Zeeland and ZLTO is going to stimulate innovation in stall systems on behalf of the province.