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ZMAXAzithromycin Extended-Release (Pfizer Inc,)
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2.--Definicion de la geometria: con la finalidad de construir las secciones sismicas, en donde se combinen los datos extraidos de los equipos 125a Texan y de los GEODE, con la posicion y/o separacion exacta, se utilizaron los datos adquiridos con el GPS diferencial Thales ZMAX. Con estos datos se colocaba como punto de referencia o punto cero la ubicacion del primer sensor o sitio de detonacion, ubicado mas al norte o al este del perfil, y se calculaban las distancias de los receptores a cada uno de los sensores.
What's called AvBlend in the aviation world is also sold for over-the-road use as ZMax. This product got wound up in an ETC lawsuit over claims made by the company about specific performance gains a consumer would see.
Parametro Descricao Veiculo representativo VR0g VR0a Ed (L) Volume 1,596 1,596 masskg (kg) (1,3) Massa 1022 1024 S (rpm [mph.sup.-1]) (2, 3) Relacao 45,33 45,33 rpm [vel.sup.-1] Qm ( (3) Torque 100,54 104,16 maximo Nm (rpm) (3) Rotacao (Qm) 4500 3500 Zmax (hp) (3) Potencia 67,07 72,00 maxima Np (rpm) (3) Rotacao 5500 5500 (Zmax) Categoria adotada 1 1 Parametro Veiculo representa VZM VR1 VR2 VR3 Ed (L) 1,596 0,999 0,999 1,000 masskg (kg) (1,3) 1023 948 948 1040 S (rpm [mph.sup.-1]) (2, 3) 44,54 57,98 58,34 57,79 Qm ( (3) 101,82 66,27 66,01 69,44 Nm (rpm) (3) 4147 4396 4457 4000 Zmax (hp) (3) 68,81 63,72 63,95 69,04 Np (rpm) (3) 5500 5896 5957 5750 2 2 4 10 Fonte: adaptado de Volkswagen (2003) e Vaz de Melo (2004).
The lawsuit claims dry and county officials have not reimbursed the company for more than $4 million owed "toward public improvements that are reimbursable under the agreement." City and county officials initially offered the incentives in November 2007 after the firm threatened to move Lowe's Motor Speedway during a dispute over building what became the $60 million Zmax Dragway.
More recently, phase III randomized trials have shown that a single 2-g oral dose of azithromycin microspheres (Zmax) was comparable to a 7-day regimen of levofloxacin 500 mg/day in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (Antimicrob.
File, who has received honoraria and clinical support from Pfizer Inc., which markets Zmax. Unpublished pharmacokinetic data suggest that five to eight times more drug is delivered to the site of infection, he said.
They include Lyrica, which was recently launched and recommended for approval to treat generalized anxiety disorder in the European Union (EU); Zmax, the one-dose sustained-release form of the antibiotic Zithromax; Revatio for pulmonary hypertension; the recently approved Exubera, an inhaled formulation of insulin, made in partnership with Nektar; Sutent, recently approved for stomach and kidney cancer; and Macugen, marketed for age-related macular degeneration in the United States and recently approved in the EU.
Single-dose antibiotic Zmax has brought significant investment in the Vega Baja facility.
The accident was on the 53rd lap of the zMax 500 when Indy Racing League debutant Cory Witherill had engine trouble, forcing Al Unser Junior to slam on his brakes.
"The Year 2000 date problem is real and affecting some software application programs today," says Mike Higgins, president and CEO of ZMAX Corp.
1 Tapped and coupled terminations 2 Selectable resonator impedance 3 Adjustable slide factor 4 Selectable resonator length 5 User controlled Zmax and Zmin 6 Tee and cross versions 7 Also provides retangular bar
where XMAX, YMAX, and ZMAX represent the length of exploration, development, and production phase, respectively.