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ZMCZygomaticomaxillary Complex
ZMCZmanda Management Console (software)
ZMCZunyi Medical College (Zunyi, China)
ZMCZero Marginal Cost (production)
ZMCExperimental Metal-Clad Airship (US Navy)
ZMCZinc Manganese Copper
ZMCZion Methodist Church (various locations)
ZMCZanzibar Municipal Council (Tanzania)
ZMCZamboanga Minerals Corporation
ZMCZak Morris Company, Inc. (Vista, CA)
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Imaizumi et al .,[15] on the other hand, reported a case of traumatic OAS combined with the blow-in type of the orbital and ZMC fractures, in a 24-year-old male who sustained injury after a bicycle crash.
ZMC is a leading private equity firm comprised of experienced investors and executives that invest and manage a diverse group of media and communications enterprises.
Krupski stated, "I am privileged and honored to support the sales development team of an organization poised for aggressive growth and have admired the fast-growing quality reputation Viatal and ZMC has gained.
The selection of ZMC commissioners was done through a horse-trading process between Zanu-PF and the main faction of the MDC, and within a year of its establishment, the ZMC had licensed several newspapers and magazines across the country.
[1/2](K + zmc)[[PI].sup.[1/2].sub.0][RDE.sup.[1/2]] = 1 - 1/4 [(K + zmc).sup.2]/k.
El trabajo ZMC y SISMA Mujer (2010) recalca de manera permanente en la diversidad caracteristica del movimiento de mujeres, pero a la vez identifica los minimos que sustentan la nocion de paz:
For the first time (Figures 5-7), the mechanisms of [alpha]-amylase inhibition of Zm, Sm, and Op extracts and their different fractions were investigated and the results showed that some of the fractions inhibited [alpha]-amylase through uncompetitive mechanism (like ZMA, ZME, ZMB, OPE, OPA, and OPB) and ZMC, OPP, OPC, and SMP inhibited [alpha]-amylase through competitive mechanism.
Finally the management of Lahore Zoo was entrusted to the Wildlife and Parks Department in 1982 and is presently governed by Zoo Management Committee (ZMC) of Lahore Zoo constituted under Punjab Zoos and Safari Parks Rules 2012.
LAHORE -- Provincial Secretary Forests Wildlife and Fisheries Capt (retd) Jehanzeb Khan has constituted Zoo Management Committees (ZMC) of Dera Ghazi Khan and Bahawalpur Zoos for three years.
8700 Out of 12944 KWSB employees opened their account in Sindh Bank while 2200 out of 3700 ZMC East, 5500 out of 6100 in ZMC Central, 2612 ZMC Korangi, 2612 ZMC Malir, 4195 ZMC South employees opened their account as per directives.
Regioes com essas caracteristicas sao chamadas de zonas mortas na coclea (ZMC) [3] e quando presentes acabam por defasar ainda mais o reconhecimento de fala dos sujeitos.
RF: identificacion de especies como potenciales nuevos reportes en el herbario del Field Museum de Chicago-EEUU; ZMC: elaboracion del manuscrito y actualizacion de la nomenclatura; GC: participo en la elaboracion del manuscrito y actualizacion de la nomenclatura.