ZMFZelt Musik Festival (German: Tent Music Festival; Freiburg, Germany)
ZMFZeltsman Marimba Festival
ZMFZagnoli McEvoy Foley (law firm; Chicago, IL)
ZMFZone Melting Furnace
ZMFzOS Mainframe (Serena)
ZMFZero Motivation Factor
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This output has two membership functions (accelerate and brake) with two respective membership functions (smf and zmf).
BEIRUT: The fifth edition of the Zouk Mikael Festival (ZMF) will wind up Thursday evening with "Naseej" (Fabric).
"This integration between ChangeMan ZMF and TeamTrack is yet another example of Serena's commitment to fostering innovation in the mainframe arena and delivering solutions that efficiently, consistently, and successfully control change across the enterprise," said Matt DiMaria, senior vice president of marketing, Serena.
Because the product integrates seamlessly with Serena ChangeMan ZMF, Application Change Manager for Mainframe Systems, software assets remain in the protected environment of Serena ChangeMan ZMF, enabling customers to free IT resources dedicated to transfer requirements and ensure the integrity of their SCM processes.
Contract notice: university medical center rostock, new construction zmf, 415 - cardiac angiography equipment
(19.) Gondim KM, Carvalho ZMF. Sentimentos das maes de criancas com paralisia cerebral a luz da teoria de Mishel.
"The amphitheater," enthused one member from the ZMF, "is getting fully booked."
The Zeitgeist Medien Fest (ZMF) International Film Festival will be held November 22-23 at Harkins Arrowhead in Peoria and is actively seeking film submissions.
The new version of ChangeMan ECP also features a customisable web interface allowing views into Serena ChangeMan ZMF and Serena ChangeMan DS.
audit trails, automatic notification and other features of ChangeMan ZMF. The product's representation of mainframe data and files as a drive letter with hierarchical folders-vi ewable within Microsoft Windows Explorer, aids ease of use.