ZMHZimmer Holdings, Inc. (est. 1927; Warsaw, IN)
ZMHZone Mail Hour
ZMHZone Mail Hour (FIDOnet)
ZMHZoological Museum of Helsinki (Finland)
ZMHZoologisches Museum Hamburg (German: Hamburg Zoological Museum; Hamburg, Germany)
ZMH108 Mile Ranch (Canadian Airport code)
ZMHZope Managed Hosting
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According to information published on ZMH's website, Mohebi's father, the late Baqer Mohebi, established his food outlet in 1931 in the original Dubai Souq.
When Gulf News tried to call the offices of BME and ZMH on Saturday, there was no answer.
Vachon apparently recognized it as a member of Bothriuridae, and then returned it to the ZMH, never publishing his discovery.
Chelidoperca occipitalis: Holotype, ZMH 5136, 114 mm SL, Off Sokotra Islands, Arabian Sea, 190-290 m depth.
* The Clinical Performance award went to Dr Ashraf Al Zbi, consultant pulmonary and head of respirology division in ZMH and Dr Asma Al Nuaimi, consultant pediatric pulmonologist and head of pediatric department in ZMH.
Deposited in the Zoological Museum in Hamburg (accession number ZMH V13268), an SEM stub with a piece of cuticle from the holotype is deposited in the Zoological Museum in Tartu (accession number TUZ615007).
This report includes coverage of key industry competitors, including Biomet (BMET), DePuy (JNJ), Disc-O-Tech, Encore Medical (ENMC), Exactech (EXAC), Hayes Medical, Ortho Development, Plus Orthopedics, Smith & Nephew (SNN), Stelkast, Stryker (SYK), Tornier, Wright Medical Technology (WMGI), and Zimmer (ZMH).
ATLANTICO: Barranquilla (ANSP 25668, ILS 736, MZUSP 2144-45, ZMH R04338-39); Cienega de Amajahuevo, CVM fishery station (FMNH 165216-19, 165524).
(NYSE: AMH) (SIX: ZMH) is highlighting its Vivacit-E Advanced Bearing Technology with Vitamin E by marking a significant testing milestone, the company said on Thursday.
Tickers featured: ARTC, BAX, BSX, CAH, CFN, COV, EW, GE, HOLX, HSP, JNJ, MR, OFIX, PHG, RMD, SYK, ZMH. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
Lectotype designated by Plisko (1995) on the material deposited in ZMH, collected in: South Africa, Western Cape, Bergvleit near Constantia (34[degrees]01'S:18[degrees]27'E).