ZMWZweckverband Mittelhessische Wasserwerke (German: Zweckverband Mittelhessische Water Supply Works; Giessen, Germany)
ZMWZastava Motor Works (Serbia)
ZMWZero Memory Widget (widget library)
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ZMW's catchphrase is that the completely off-grid and self-contained hydropanel creates drinking water 'just from sunlight and air.'
In an interview, ZMW chief executive officer Cody Friesen said each SOURCE Hydropanel produces an average of 3 to 5 liters of drinking water per day and can be built in arrays designed to meet the consumption needs of the location.
'The Philippines's fragmented geography adds extra barriers for reliance on traditional water infrastructure, yet makes it ideal for our technology to provide families, communities and businesses with drinking water,' said Cody Friesen, founder and chief executive officer of ZMW.
ZMW Founder and CEO Cody Friesen said Source Hydropanels have a one- to four-year return on investment, and each panel has a 15-year life.
It uses a structure composed of many SMRT cells, each cell contains microfabricated nanostructures called zeromode waveguides (ZMWs) which are wells of tens of nanometers in diameter microfabricated in a metal film which is in turn deposited onto a glass substrate [44,45].