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ZNBZero Nitrogen Balance (animal science)
ZNBZeta Noise Blocker
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Parameter Value VNA ROHDE SCHWAR ZNB 20 Sampling points 1000 Transmit power 10 dBm IF bandwidth 10 kHz Sweep time 10 s Antenna model Monopole Antenna size 5 cm Table 3: The average standard deviation ([sigma]) of on-body channel path gain during measurement times in 9 polarizations.
During the first week, the feed intake decreased (p<0.05) in SB-1 chicks compared to control and FCR was noted to be lower (p< 0.05) in ZnB compared to SB-0.5 and control groups.
However, higher (p<0.05) skin thickness was observed in SB-1 at 48 h post PHA-P injection compared to ZnB and control groups (Table 3).
A long-standing customer, ZNB also has the option to select from a range of iSOFT solutions, including resource scheduling applications from UltraGenda, the Belgium-based company acquired by iSOFT in February.
iSOFT will work with ZNB and MCL to significantly improve workflows and processes with new technology.
[16] for gluconate compounds in comparison with the ZnB system.
In case of using ZnB as a flame retardant instead of CaB, 80-100 phr of ZnB was required to be mixed in order to satisfy the V-0 specifications.
The combination of the R&S ZNB and the ZN-Z84 is suitable for users in R&D and production who test components for the wireless communications sector.The R&S ZNB analyzer's firmware supports and automatically detects the switch matrix, making it easy to integrate the ZN-Z84 into test setups.
It features the same intuitive operation as the R&S ZNB, and all of its functions can be accessed in no more than three operating steps.
The matrix can be controlled and operated directly from an R&S ZNB network analyzer.
Subject of the proceedings was the awarding of contracts for production of functional procurement of project planning and building services for sub-measures of the overall project Main Building (ZNB) of the Klinikum Stuttgart with cross-check the preliminary design already created, and project control of planning and execution services.