ZNDZenith Neutral Delay (global positioning systems)
ZNDZelda No Densetsu (game)
ZNDZinc-Binding Domain
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The R&S ZND is suitable for production-line measurements such as characterization of passive mobile-phone components.
double protective glasses with znd light filters 330, 1 650 byn3.
I Znd the people very friendly, the weather tends to be very good," Murray said.
As I walked past the canteen, I thought the kitchen staff had come up with a new strategy to obscure the Yy in the soup only to Znd the squash courts, press ofZce and media room were also blacked out.
Rohde & Schwarz offers a unique test solution to cover all the mandatory test cases for the PHY layer based on the companys R&S RTO oscilloscopeand the R&S ZND vector network analyzer, while Spirent complements this solution by adding its unique Automotive C50 test platform to support all protocol layers.
Mike Pennick, from Birmingham County FA, said: "We are not going to back down until we Znd this guy but nobody involved is prepared to name the person.
The rare Znd shows Elizabeth as a teenager alongside her siblings Edward VI and Mary I, father Henry VIII and his jester Will Somers.
The interventions will take place in zones: Non-explosive atmosphere, Atex zone 0 (very rare), Atex zone 1, Atex zone 2, Znd compensatory measure.
Eventually, a badly beaten Mr Jones, 39, managed to Znd the keys and the robbers drove off in the expensive motor.
Visit nationalshootingweek.co.uk to Znd out about events happening in your area.