ZNYNew York Air Route Traffic Control Centre (aviation)
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Predmetem verejn zakzky jsou dodatecn stavebn prce, vyvolan realizac predmetu dla puvodn verejn zakzky s nzvem: Rozren prumyslov zny Vrchlab jih, regionln infrastruktura I/14 Vrchlab, Nerudova Ndran .
ZnY, a biological source of Zn with rich proteins, peptides, and amino acids, is naturally integrated by the growing yeast into its own structure to improve the bioavailability of Zn and reduce the side effects of Zn.
The rats were randomly assigned into two groups and orally given either ZnY or ZnS[O.sub.4] at a single dose of 4 mg Zn/kg.
Pharmacokinetic parameters of ZnY and ZnS[O.sub.4] were calculated using noncompartmental analysis of WinNonlin software (Version 5.2.1, Pharsight Corp., Mountain View, CA, USA).
ZnY has high solubility and a soft taste, and it does not modify the sensorial characteristics of food.
The concentration-time profile of ZnY and ZnS[O.sub.4] in plasma is shown in Figure 1 and their pharmacokinetic parameters are listed in Table 1.
The biodistribution results demonstrated that Zn was widely distributed in various rat tissues after oral administration of ZnY and ZnS[O.sub.4] in which bone had the highest Zn level, and ZnY showed higher Zn level than ZnS[O.sub.4] in each tissue.
In conclusion, Zn from ZnY was more bioavailable than zinc from inorganic zinc salts ZnS[O.sub.4]; disposition and biodistribution of Zn in ZnY were similar to those of other sources of Zn.