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ZOBZentraler Omnibus Bahnhof (German: Central Bus Station)
ZOBZydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Fighting Organization; Warsaw Ghetto)
ZOBZébu Overseas Bank (humanitarians promoving rural development in Madagascar Island)
ZOBZuid-Oost Brabant (Dutch: South-East Brabant; Netherlands)
ZOBZuid-Oost Beemster (Dutch: South-East Beemster; Netherlands; soccer team)
ZOBZone of Benefit (various locations)
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Toczek points out that the Polish Home Army (AK) behaved in a similar fashion to the ZOB and that the Germans repeated their past mistakes.
The Germans did not use what they learned during the ZOB insurrection and only became aware of the AK's use of the sewers by accident.
Training at the FAA Academy proceeded with a division of roles similar to that found in ZKC, ZDC, and ZOB.
In one style (ZAU and ZTL), the R-side controller marked issued clearances more often, whereas at ZKC, ZDC, and ZOB the D-side controller marked issued clearances more often.
Although the People's Guard knew of the Polish underground's secret stores of unused artillery shells in the Krakow area, there was little the resistance could do with these shells, and so ZOB was directed to addresses in Warsaw in order to purchase arms.
ZOB was determined to defend the Jewish community as a whole and to take the armed struggle to the Germans in any way it could.
A swathe of soft landscaping, trees, ground covering bushes and seating along paths, extending from the plaza and skirting the ZOB facilities should also help filter carbon dioxide and fumes.
Starting on site in October 2000 the ZOB will continue to run services during construction.
ZOB ist dementsprechend mittlerweile weder zeitgem noch entspricht es den heutigen Ansprchen an einen modernen, bersichtlichen und serviceorientierten Busbahnhof.
S 2 Altenburger Allee - Schutterwlder road - Exhibition - City Hall - Bahnhof / ZOB - City Hall - Culture Forum -cell Weiersbach, Abtsberghalle;
S 3 Hildboltsweier, allotments - Uffhofen - Fair and ice rink - City Hall - Bahnhof / ZOB - Nordweststadt- commercial area - Waltersweier - Weier, Streng;