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ZOCZone of Control
ZOCZone of Control (wargaming)
ZOCZone of Contribution
ZOCZap-O-Comm (Telnet client)
ZOCZimbabwe Olympic Committee
ZOCZ-Occlusion Culling (video games)
ZOCZones of Confidence (navigation safety information; International Hydrographic Organisation)
ZOCZionist Organization of Canada
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We hope that the experience from ZOC can help understanding and facilitating the transition, and ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of the medical service, benefiting more patients nationwide.
Gaps into which drivers turned ("go" events) were here defined as the amount of time available for a driver to complete a turn, from the start of the turn until the oncoming vehicle entered the ZOC.
ZOC operates fields in Block 102 and other tracts won in the early 1970s by Oxy.
In June 2009, ZOC awarded a cooling water contract on its LPG terminal to Dutch-based firm Interbeton.
Zueitina Oil Co: ZOC was set up, after Oxy left in June 1986, to run five Intisar fields in Block 103, 34,425 sq km, in the Sirte Basin.
ZOC was created after the departure of Oxy from Libya in June 1986 to operate the five Intisar fields (formerly called Idris) in Block 103, 34,425 sq km, in the Sirte Basin.
ZOC is also having the pipeline's compression station and associated facilities installed.
Oxy returned as a minority partner in ZOC and a US group returned to WOC as NOC's minority partner.