ZOCAZone of Cooperation Area
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Estudios de Cenicafe han demostrado que de lotes renovados por zoca pueden emerger entre 1,5 a 2 millones de brocas adultas por hectarea, durante mas de 100 dias posteriores al zoqueo y por tanto, se deben tomar algunas medidas de control que ayuden a evitar las reinfestaciones de broca (Baker 1999; Bustillo et al.
En relacion con dejar los arboles trampa durante la labor de eliminacion o renovacion de los cafetales por zoca, el 51,66% de los caficultores manifestaron hacer esta practica y el 47,95% manifestaron no hacerla.
(194) Under the newly renegotiated Timor Sea Agreement, the royalties in the ZOCA will be split ninety-ten in favor of East Timor.
In addition to defining the areas governed, the Treaty provides for the creation of a Ministerial Council and a Joint Authority to oversee the various rights and responsibilities involved in the petroleum exploration in ZOCA. (196) The Council is composed of an equal number of Ministers appointed from each country, (197) and meets alternately in Australia or East Timor as often as necessary, or at least once per year.
To combat this, in 1989/90 and 1990/91, a majority of farmers performed "zoca," or the process of cutting down a tree almost to ground level from which two trunks arise.
Instead of a zoca, the farmer can plant new trees, but as mentioned before, the cost is prohibitive, and the process is longer.
Manejo sostenible de la llaga macana en cafetales renovados por zoca. Avances tecnicos Cenicafe 312, 2-7.
The Elang and Kakatua fields are in Block 91-12 of the Zone of Co-operation area "A" (ZOCA), approximately 70km east of the Laminaria and Corallina fields, which are just outside ZOCA.
Under the deal, the Timor Gap was divided into three zones for hydrocarbon exploration and for future resource exploitation: (1) the area nearest to Australia, Zone B, was to be exploited by Australia; (2) the area nearest to the eastern half of Timor island, Zone C, was to be exploited by Indonesia; (3) the area in between the two, Zone A (ZOCA), was to be exploited jointly through an authority, ZOCA, based in Darwin.