ZOFZone of Optimal Functioning (athletic theory)
ZOFZone of Fire
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However, several criticisms can be leveled at the ZOF approach: firstly, it offers no underlying explanation; secondly, it is based upon a unidimensional as opposed to the currently favoured multidimensional conceptualization of anxiety (see following section), although Krane (1993) and Gould, Tuffey, Hardy & Lochbaum (1993) have recently employed the multidimensional approach in examining ZOFs; and thirdly, the central measuring instrument (i.
75 CREAM ZOF THE CROP Gorgeous bra EUR39 and shorts EUR18.
BACK J FROM THE DEAD Poster showing the 33 missing miners trapped when the tunnel collapsed PROOF ZOF LIFE First footage of miner Florencio Antonio Avalos Silva VIGIL Z Flag in rubble above mine MINER n MIRACLE Chile leader Pinera shows men's note THEY'RE J SAFE Relieved relatives
CLEAN PAIR ZOF HEELS Telemark skiing in the Back Corries
PAPER TRAIL ZOF TROUBLE Andrew with the bills that just kept on coming
ZOF has pioneered in developing the sushi and sashimi market in China through sales and marketing methods, such as the introduction of its "Ocean Family" brand and introducing seafood counters in high-end supermarkets and department stores.