ZOFZone of Optimal Functioning (athletic theory)
ZOFZone of Fire
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ZOF specializes in ocean fisheries and the processing, sales and distribution of seafood.
Second, if states are allowed to have non-uniformity in their regulations, many commentators predict that it will lead to a so-called "race to the bottom," in which competitive economic pressures harm social welfare by forcing states to lower their levels zof environmental protection--thereby lowering the cost of doing business-to attract industry to the state.
Anxiety and performance in track and field athletes: A comparison of the inverted-U hypothesis with ZOF theory.
Zof and one of the younger Bolshevik commanders, L.
A meta-analysis (see Haraldsson, Houtkooper, & Hoeltje, 1987) revealed a combined Zof 3.483 (p = .00025, one-tailed).
Look at Dino Zof keeping goal in the 1982 World Cup final at 40, and successfully too.
Hanin proposed that, via repeated observations of individuals' performance levels and associated pre-competition and performance state anxiety levels, a zone of optimal functioning (ZOF) can be identified whereby the zone is defined as a performer's mean pre-competition state anxiety score plus or minus four points.
LOOK ZOF LUXE In the cabin, the Ford Fiesta ST boasts DAB radio, Bluetooth, Recaro seats and leathertrimmed steering wheel
The Storm and Ertel (S&E) database has an unweighted effect size of .222 (SD = .23) and a Stouffer Zof 3.46 (p = 2.70 x [10.sup.-4]).
Summary Table For The Omnibus Test of The ZOF Hypothesis and Planned Comparisons Omnibus Contrast 1 [#] (In Versus Out) Sport PNA F p [ETA.sup.2] F p Basketball PA 7.58 .0006 [**] .0200 14.94 .0001 [**] NA 3.15 .0400 [*] .0090 5.93 .0152 [*] Football PA 7.67 .0005 [**] .0200 14.78 .0001 [**] NA 2.51 .0800 .0080 1.75 .1864 Contrast 2 (Above Versus Below) Sport [ETA.sup.2] F p [ETA.sup.2] Basketball .0200 .02 .8937 .0000 .0090 .14 .7040 .0002 Football .0200 .18 .6710 .0003 .0030 2.84 .0926 .0040 (*.)p[less than].05, (**.)p[less than].01 (#.)Differences reflect higher performance scores for in IZOF group.
Dino Zof Italy's newly-appointed coach, plans a more attacking style of play when the Azzurri begin qualifying matches for the European Championships in September.