ZOFRATACNAZona Franca de Tacna (Spanish: Tacna Free Trade Zone; Tacna, Peru)
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Gradually shaped since 1989 and finally enacted in 2002, Zofratacna has been particularly successful in the control and organization of regional trade from a cross-border perspective.
Such prices can be achieved with various commercial strategies such as the economies of scale that the Zofratacna businessmen understand and know how to use.
We will begin in a few moments the first stone of this water project for Zofratacna and surrounding areas, I understand that 5 000 families will benefit from this, which is very important, "said the president.
He also said that it is necessary to make Zofratacna grow much more, "here there is an immense pampa that is now half empty, and that is because restrictions were placed in the last Congress on the growth of this area, curbing possible foreign investments here Which would have generated a lot of work."
President Kuczynski also indicated that it is necessary to facilitate retail trade in the area surrounding the Zofratacna, which were also placed "absolutely unnecessary" restrictions, a situation that must change.
This important work of supplying drinking water and drainage will benefit more than 12,000 people in this important Tacneo district, through the installation of 5 000 meters of pipes in the internal and external area of ??the Zofratacna complex.