ZOHZero-Order Hold
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Different from traditional filtering problem, due to the existence of network-induced delays, taking the property of ZOH into account, we get
This testifies to preferential X-ray amorphy of sorbents based on ZOH with Al and Mn oxides impurity.
Chapter 4 considers the preservation of structural properties of a class of NCSs, including the controllability and observability of NCSs with Zero-Order-Hold (ZOH) and the stabilizability and detectability of NCSs without ZOH, which helps understand and guarantee the preservation of structural properties of a system (p.
Zoh, "Kinetics and mechanism of photolysis and Ti[O.sub.2] photocatalysis of triclosan," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
To do so, it has been analyzed in open loop (in continuous time as well as in discrete time) and in closed loop (considering the effect of ZOH and sample time).
Based on the above analysis, considering the behavior of ZOH, the input of the filter is
There are several methods for sampling of continuous time signals, among them, using ZOH and FOH techniques for signal approximation are more interested [9].
Pri hodnoteni efektivnosti sluzieb verejneho sektora je potrebne zvazovat viacero faktorov, preto budeme pri vyskume vyuzivat multikriterialne hodnotenie--metodu najlepsich hodnot kriterii, ktore dovo'uje sucasne zoh''adnit' vacsie mnozstvo kriterii hodnotenia.