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ZOMOZmotoryzowane Odwody Milicji Obywatelskiej (Polish: Motorized Odwody Citizens Militia)
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Their activist strategy was simply to turn the everyday street life into a protest event, in which everyone, including the militiamen was to participate: "You called upon people to go and honor Vladimir Ilyich, and the ZOMO officers stood and yelled--I will show you the fuckin' Lenin" (Zmarz-Koczanowicz 2002).
In the early 1980s, ZOMO was used extensively to enforce Martial Law and to control demonstrations.
ZOMO riot police waited nearby but it was clear that any move on their part would mean death to those inside the police station.
The government set up goon squads called ZOMOs, thugs with licences basically, to go out and bash anyone who dissented.
The government set up goon squads called ZOMOs to go out and bash any dissenters.