ZOOBZoology, Ontology, Ontogeny, Botany
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Nor, despite this book's title, is Caroline Zoob under any illusion as to the garden's "authorship." She duly credits Leonard for his creative gardenmaking, and his assistant Percy Bartholomew, his local Rodmell gardener.
This is what puts Saraceno in the company of artists such as Hans Haacke (and his Rhinewater Purification Plant, 1972) and Michael Joaquin Grey (whose ZOOB, 1997, is a toy for designing biomimicry systems that fuse art with science).
CHECK out Caroline Zoob, whose new website is a treasure trove for Valentine-themed gifts.
Zoob - An unlimited creative building system, allowing children to build anything from animals to aliens.
Caroline Zoob has one of the most romantic mail order catalogues around.
Camera (color), Daniel Garas; music, Gabor Presser; art director, Spiros Kaparelis; costumes, Kati Zoob, Zoltan Herczeg.
Paul Coburn, of Chute Master Indoor Environmental Services, and Joseph Zoob, of NAC Indoor Air Professionals, spoke about the measures that property managers could take to ensure that their buildings' air circulation and garbage disposal systems don't put the health of their tenants at risk.
The favorites around here are a zoob tube, and some cheap plastic shakers I got at the Dollar Store.
The items were taken from Zuckerman, Lolin, Price, and Zoob's (1964) classic study of personal risk-seeking.
The psychological construct used to conceptualize this notion is Zuckerman, Kolin, Price, & Zoob's (1964) sensation-seeking (SS) motive.